Catching a flight from Melbourne airport? At Sampenny Kennels & Cattery, we are proud to offer a hassle free, cost saving valet service!!

At present the cost is:

$30 p / vehicle each way 8am - 6pm

$60 p / vehicle each way other hours

FREE onsite parking during stay

This service is also available to customers who don't have their pet/s staying with us.

Its simple, when you drop off your pet/s at a pre - arranged time, we can then take you from the kennels to your preferred terminal at Melbourne airport and pick you up when you arrive back in Melbourne.

Best part is this is a 24 hour service!! So no need to worry about the booking times of flights. While your away your vehicle is parked FREE OF CHARGE at our site!!


- You dont have to bring your pet/s in the day before traveling and if your a little tired or jet lagged, your able to pick up your pet/s on your return (2 days boarding saved)
- Free parking means the cost of boarding becomes inexpensive.
- No expensive taxi fares or relying on public transport.
- You save TIME & MONEY which can be spent on those little extras on your vacation